My name is Serra. I've been a Physician on Gor since 1999, with My Home settled firmly at the Justice Alliance of Gor (JAG) in the City of Tor within the scorching Tahari Desert. It is a long history of growth and education during My tenure as a Healer among a variety of cities and camps, beginning with a more hollistic approach based on limited resources and gradually developing into advanced medicine over the years. Depending on the situation, I'm just as apt to use one method as much as I am the other.

I haven't read all of Norman's books, I don't claim to be an expert, I don't have all the answers, and I don't expect Anyone to take My thoughts as the Gorean-Gospel-Truth. I do, however, have confidence in My own abilities. As for reputation, who knows? I've been labeled everything from a Butcher to damn near competent! This is My attempt to condense the knowledge and it is My hope that You will find something of use in these pages. I do wish You well in Your search and may You always have water.



The art of Gorean Medicine is scattered across a thousand scrolls, making it difficult for anyone to learn the craft without having to do extensive research. This is an attempt at compressing the numerous individual sites into a more comprehensive one. This site is not designed to be the end-all, see-all of Gorean Medicine, but it is meant to be helpful. Information has been collected from several sources, All to Whom deep gratitude is owed.

This site is not designed to be "book heavy," meaning You will not find quotes from John Norman's books to support every detail. Quotes have been incorporated where appropriate, and the rest is a combination of reality, common sense and personal inferences and preferences.

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